Equipment Based Pilates uses specialized machines offering resistance training mixed with flexibility and stability work.

Private Training

Private sessions are a great starting point for new students who are just starting to learn Pilates. This is also the perfect ongoing option for the individual seeking workouts tailored to their specific health and fitness goals.

All Level Group

This level of group class is designed to accommodate beginner to intermediate students. Receive a full body workout to tone, strengthen, and improve flexibility.

Intermediate Group

This level is geared towards students who are familiar with working out on the Reformer and are looking to increase the challenge to their body by incorporating more advanced exercises.

Power Hour

This class style is a high intensity 55-minute workout that involves a cardio element. It’s our form of interval training to blast calories while building strength and endurance.


Step 1: Private Intro Session ($40)

  • Best starting point
  • Private, one-on-one, introductory session (55 minutes)
  • Avoid the group class overwhelm
  • Learn the basics of Pilates and basics on the Reformer
  • Session moves at your pace
  • Michelle will take the time to get to know you and your particular goals

Step 2: Select a New Student Package

Package 1: Two Private Sessions + Three Group Classes ($210)

Package 2: Five Private Sessions ($280)

Both packages offer a 20% savings and allow you to learn more of the basics one-on-one before jumping into your first group class.

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JUVO Board


Latin for help or assist, Juvo is a transformational new movement in home and studio fitness. Designed to support individuals of all fitness levels in the quest for strong, healthy bodies and minds, Juvo Board allows endless workout routines on a single, revolutionary surface. Safely. From SUP fitness and functional strength training exercises to gentle stretching and mobility drills, Juvo Board’s Balance and Elevate settings let you choose a difficulty level that’s right for your body.

What Our Students Are Saying...

Mike M.
Business Owner

I started with Pilates two times a week, and then gave up my trainer at the gym to work with Michelle three times a week. My strength and flexibility has increased after just a few weeks. Very targeted workout, I love it.

Jackie L.
Interior Designer

I struggle with back and neck issues but have always been able to do Pilates and it helps keep me injury free. I find it the most enjoyable, relaxing, but still effective workout I’ve ever done!

Mary G.
Retired Go Getter

I love my Pilates sessions with Michelle. After just 2 months of classes and privates I can see a change in my body! Just look at me! After being diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, I thought that was it. But I have gained strength and many of my symptoms had gone away.